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We strive to create hands on educational play materials that are safe, child friendly using the best quality of wood which nurtures the natural curiosity of the child. Join our newsletter to learn how your child can benefit everyday.


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    Slide Our beautifully hand crafted wooden bowls are open ended and full of possibilities for young children to explore and use their imagination in creative play. Mentor-Mom-Slider-Background-9 MENTOR_MOM_WOODEN_RAINBOW_BOWLS_3 Wooden Rainbow
    Slide Our beautifully hand crafted wooden bee lifecycle set for toddlers and children demonstrates the life cycle of a bee along with several other loose parts. They are rich in texture and makes learning fun through creative play. Mentor-Mom-Slider-Background-8 Wooden Bee Lifecycle
    Learning Set
    Slide Our wooden number bond math board is a great visual tool for practicing a variety of math concepts such as addition & subtraction, inverse operations and relationship between numbers. Mentor-Mom-Slider-Background-6 MENTOR_MOM_WOODEN_NUMBERS_BOND_MATH_BOARD_4 Wooden Number
    Bond Math Board
    Slide With this version of peg board, children get an opportunity to insert their own pegs and create a shape and then can add rubber bands around the shape for some extra fine motor practice. Mentor-Mom-Slider-Background-8 MENTOR MOM WOODEN PEG BOARD_4 Wooden Peg Board Slide The wooden oval salt tray and the stencils (types of line and strokes) are a magical sensory tool to develop pre-writing skills before the the introduction of alphabets, letter formation and traditional handwriting (line orientation, spacing, and hand grasp).
    Mentor-Mom-Slider-Background-9 MENTOR_MOM_WOODEN_EGG_SAND_TRAY_AND_STENCIL_SET_1_2 Wooden Oval Sand Tray
    with Pre-Writing Stencils

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      What They're Saying

      As a Mom who is passionate about providing my child with toys that aid in her development, I am sometimes overwhelmed by all the options available and not sure how best to use products. The in-depth information that MentorMom provides on each product removes all guess work of how best to use items to their full potential. Many of the toys we have purchased are ones that can grow with my daughter and be played with in different ways, this means she is always challenged and things remain exciting for her. It also means that these products are a fantastic investment as you get many years use out of them. We have a lovely collection of MentorMom wooden toys and a colour matching quilt so I believe I have been exposed to enough of the product range to safely say that these are among the best educational toys I bought. Everything is beautifully made and the quality has been exceptional. I will continue to make purchases from MentorMom as my daughter grows to ensure I keep providing her with the best.

      Charlene S Mom

      Good Evening Mentor Mom. Thank you for my beautiful materials. I am a Montessori teacher who is now working in a traditional school and have wanted to incorporate some of the montessori principles and materials. And Mentor Mom allows me to do just that! I honestly can't wait to let my class use them. They are so so beautiful. Such wonderful colours and I love the wood. Thank You and keep up the great work!

      Alexandra Teacher

      The products are amazing, kids love it and my older niece has been writing number 3 correctly. Much love, looking forward to purchasing again.

      Melita xx

      Hi Ruch, I absolutely love the products and I particularly enjoy the versatility and quality. I am able to use them together with other products which I have already, and use the products like the number and colour bags for other activities other than matching. The quality of fabrics used are great and I love the size and how compact the quilts are. Your page is amazing and I love all your ideas, I wish I had more time in the day to get through them all 😅😂 I look forward to making my next purchase soon.

      Sadiyya Xx

      Thank you Rushi for your beautiful handmade fabric activity bags we recently received. My little one has been really enjoying her wooden peg dolls. She takes them with her on outings too. The shapes wheel with matching peg doll set and the Montessori continent set you can see are so well made with quality fabric made with love...these will be stimulating play for her for many years to come! I feel like I’ve made an investment, not to mention it’s all environmentally friendly and I look forward to seeing the many different ways in which she will grow into them💛

      Livia Mom of a Toddler

      Absolutely stunning items. As a teacher myself, there is nothing better than unique quality educational items. All items are beautifully made and quality printing and detailed.

      Lindy Rock Educator

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