Hello Parents,

I have always been passionate about working with young children.  I am a qualified Special Educator and hold a Honours and Masters in Special Education.  My passion to learn more about different methods of teaching attracted me towards the Montessori philosophy and I added another feather to my cap that is of a qualified Montessori tutor.  I have always believed the key to learning is through movement and hence my interest in Brain Gym® came about.  I have pursued several brain gym courses and I am a qualified Brain gym instructor.  I absolutely love weaving in my credentials and experiences into life as a mom


Besides my credentials, I am a wife to the most amazing husband and a first-time mom to a real-life doll!

Becoming a mother has helped me broaden my views on motherhood. However, my biggest challenge as a first time mom was walking on the road of confusion and sometimes guilt too.  As a first time mom I was overwhelmed with all the information that was floating around me, the feeling of self- doubt and guilt was evident.

Between feeding and nappy changes it was hard to keep up with my baby’s developmental needs. By default we are our babies first teacher. Hence, Mentor Mom was born!

My goal is to help all you moms embrace your own unique parenting journey and strike a balance between right, wrong and may be.  Education from birth is not a new concept but its importance is overlooked and my motto is to enlighten and guide moms with it.  Laying the foundation for zero to three years is crucial. Having said that, no blog or blogger can tell you how to bring up your baby/ toddler and child but a professional in Early Childhood education and an experienced mom makes it a perfect mixture to look up to

This combination will surely help you lead a happy guilt free parenting journey. My passion and love for wooden toys led me to creating my own hand made toys. Mentor mom wooden and fabric range of toys are Montessori and Waldorf inspired.

You are your child’s first teacher