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We strive to create hands on educational play materials that are safe, child friendly using the best quality of wood which nurtures the natural curiosity of the child. Join our newsletter to learn how your child can benefit everyday.


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    Hello Parents We strive to create hands on educational play materials that are safe, child friendly using the best quality wood which nurtures the natural curiosity of the child.

    You Are Your Child's First Teacher

    Here's a little introduction of Myself!

    My name is Ruchita A.K.A Mentor Mom. I am a first-time mom to a real life doll and a wife to the most amazing husband. I am a qualified Special Educator and hold a Honours and Masters in Special Education.

    My passion to learn more about different methods of teaching attracted me towards the Montessori philosophy and added another feather to my cap that is of a qualified Montessori tutor.

    I have always believed the key to learning is through movement and hence my interest in Brain Gym® came about. I have pursued several brain gym courses and I am a qualified Brain gym instructor. However, when I was pregnant with my daughter I started looking for wooden toys that would grow with:

    • My child’s developmental needs and can be used in more than one way
    • Nurture her curiosity
    • Inspire a deeper connection with nature
    • Aid in movement
    • Open-ended
    • Lastly, stimulate senses and are rich in texture

    To my surprise, it was a tough combination to find locally. I gradually figured out, between feeding and nappy changes it was hard to keep up with my child’s developmental needs and certainly needed a good range of heirloom quality of wooden play as you learn sets. By default, we are our child’s first teacher. Hence, Mentor Mom was born!


    About Mentor Mom Wooden & Fabric range of play materials.

    I absolutely love weaving in my credentials and experiences into life as a mom. My passion and love for wooden toys led me to create my own handmade play as you learn sets.

    Mentor mom wooden and fabric range of toys are Montessori and Waldorf inspired. Months of research, designing, creating and watching my daughter play and learn with my play materials ensured me this is what every child needs! Seeing her eyes light up every time she played with one of my toys, I caught the bug. I wanted every child to have that magic.

    Why Mentor Mom play materials?

    Before starting to create Mentor mom play-as-you-learn sets, I set out to thoroughly research the safety regulations, quality of wood and fabric, various paint options and so much more.

    We take pride in delivering only the highest quality by ensuring our play sets are environmentally friendly, free from hazardous chemicals.

    Furthermore, as a mother and a professional in Early Childhood development, my goal is to help all you parents embrace your own unique parenting journey and strike a balance between right, wrong and may be. Education from birth is not a new concept but its importance is overlooked and my motto is to enlighten and guide parents with it. Laying the foundation for zero to three years is crucial and that’s what Mentor Mom play materials help to do!


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    What They’re Saying

    As a Mom who is passionate about providing my child with toys that aid in her development, I am sometimes overwhelmed by all the options available and not sure how best to use products. The in-depth information that MentorMom provides on each product removes all guess work of how best to use items to their full potential. Many of the toys we have purchased are ones that can grow with my daughter and be played with in different ways, this means she is always challenged and things remain exciting for her. It also means that these products are a fantastic investment as you get many years use out of them. We have a lovely collection of MentorMom wooden toys and a colour matching quilt so I believe I have been exposed to enough of the product range to safely say that these are among the best educational toys I bought. Everything is beautifully made and the quality has been exceptional. I will continue to make purchases from MentorMom as my daughter grows to ensure I keep providing her with the best.

    Charlene S Mom

    Good Evening Mentor Mom. Thank you for my beautiful materials. I am a Montessori teacher who is now working in a traditional school and have wanted to incorporate some of the montessori principles and materials. And Mentor Mom allows me to do just that! I honestly can't wait to let my class use them. They are so so beautiful. Such wonderful colours and I love the wood. Thank You and keep up the great work!

    Alexandra Teacher

    The products are amazing, kids love it and my older niece has been writing number 3 correctly. Much love, looking forward to purchasing again.

    Melita xx