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    Comparison Vs being proactive in Early Years

    We have all heard the saying “ You can’t compare apples and oranges”. This means both these fruits are unique in their own ways and you cannot compare them.  However despite this logic, there is still a mom instinct to compare, we often start comparing our little humans to other little humans sometimes with their size, physical milestones, eating habits and even their cognitive abilities.

    Why every mom and her journey is different?

    Most times as moms what we forget is every pregnancy is unique and each child is different and that’s a part of your journey which is magical yet different from another. For instance, my daughter was born at 35 weeks and my journey as a first time mom was quite different then the other moms. On the same note, its perfectly natural  for moms to compare especially in the first years and  yes sometimes we simply can’t help but compare our child to siblings or other children. I get it, its normal and I think I did it at some point too. However, it almost feels like we are all searching for a reference point that will help us determine if our child is developing normally and hitting milestones within the right range which may give a lot of moms the reassurance and piece of mind. Slowly, this soon starts to became a way of comparing and for each and every milestone.

    How to avoid falling in the comparison trap?

    • Focus on a proactive approach to parenting your little human.
    • Every child is unique and is gifted with unique strengths to the other.
    • To avoid self-doubt it is important to read up on reliable parenting resources and different early childhood approaches like Montessori, Waldorf etc .
    • It is crucial to celebrate their health and existence not just their rate of development. Early achievement of developmental milestones doesn’t mean a baby is smarter or will do better in future.

    Mentor mom Mantra to embrace your own unique parenting journey..

    “ Popcorn is prepared in the same pot, in the same heat, in the same oil. But the kernels do not pop at the same time.”  Try not to compare your child to another child. His/her turn to pop is coming soon. Always remember when it comes to milestones there truly is a range of what can be expected.

    Proactive approach to parenting is the way to go!

    Having a  proactive approach helps you to focus on positives and eliminate  potential problems that haven’t  appeared yet. For instance , think of it like this your baby could have been a late crawler but you did a number of things to stimulate movement right from birth because you educated yourself before the baby arrived. You see you eliminated the problem before it started. On the flip side, if you didn’t have an proactive approach and your baby was delayed with crawling you would have been so anxious and in no time start doubting yourself.  Your first instinct would be to figure out what you are doing wrong. Having a proactive mind set helps you not to play the “ catch up” to peers game. Pushing your baby or toddler to catch up with another baby or toddler can affect and interfere with their normal development.

    Proactive mindset to parenting led to the inspiration of  developing Mentor Mom play materials.

    My daughter was a early baby and that’s what led me to have a proactive mindset to parenting. I did not ever leave any room for comparison. All I did was helped my little girls development through my knowledge, experience  and expertise in early childhood education. This inspired me to design a range of Mentor Mom play materials.  

    Why Mentor Mom play materials? Because by default you are your child’s first teacher.

    What’s interesting is Mentor Mom play materials are Montessori inspired and focus on early foundational concepts such as shape, colors and numbers. They are rooted in reality  and doesn’t move and make sounds on its own. Our range of play materials need to be physically manipulated by a child and that’s when real cognitive development is taking place. More importantly, our range of toys will help to expand your toddlers learning through doing, involving as many senses as possible to grasp concepts better and enhance learning at  a concrete level.

    Common Questions/ FAQ

    Why invest in Mentor mom play materials over toys from the toy stores?

    Mentor mom play materials are designed by a Montessori tutor and a special educator and it purely focuses on learning through doing which means the toddler is physically manipulating the play materials it is not battery operated. Mentor mom play materials are rich in texture which encourages them to use many senses as possible to learn.

    The last thing you need to know as parents.

    “ Every child is gifted , they just unwrap their packages at different times”.