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    “Spring is nature’s way of saying, Lets party!” – Robin Williams Hello Mentor Mom Family Greetings! Yay, spring! Have you ever observed how much happier kids are when they outdoors? Personally this is one of my favourite seasons for the year and I love spending it with my little girl. There is so much to explore outdoors and not to forget so many fun concepts to weave into spring theme activities with our gorgeous wooden play-as- you-learn sets and our newly launched imaginative play sets. We have launched some really exciting play materials this month - our very first imaginative play range which perfectly

    “Let us join hands and build a truly South African nation.” – Nelson Mandela The last few weeks has been extremely challenging, in the middle of a pandemic the deadly unrest in South Africa has been very testing for not only adults but also for our little humans. When priority overrides peace, as parents what do we do ? There has been a twirl of emotions at varying degrees that many of us have gone through along with our children. The protest rapidly escalated into looting and severe violence that has shaken our country in the past week. As a small business

    You may wonder, is ten frame what your toddler needs to get started to have a better understanding of early math skills? I am a firm believer in the power of exposure especially when it comes to learning at home in early years. Ten frames are a great way to teach toddlers about number sense and our wooden ten frames definitely add an element of fun, making it more exciting for little human’s. What is a ten frame? A ten frame is a rectangle separated into two rows with 10 equal spaces, hence the name ten frame. A ten frame is a magical early math

    Often parents, new mothers, single mothers and fathers are so overwhelmed with the birth of their newborn. It's the best feeling to have your newborn in your arms, but being new to motherhood can be challenging in many ways especially when you have lots of other people advising you on your special journey of parenting. You might not really know what to do and who to follow as you are probably in a huge bubble of confusion. I can certainly say I was in that space at one point when I entered the journey of motherhood. It is extremely

    We have all heard the saying “ You can’t compare apples and oranges”. This means both these fruits are unique in their own ways and you cannot compare them.  However despite this logic, there is still a mom instinct to compare, we often start comparing our little humans to other little humans sometimes with their size, physical milestones, eating habits and even their cognitive abilities. Why every mom and her journey is different? Most times as moms what we forget is every pregnancy is unique and each child is different and that’s a part of your journey which is magical yet different