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We strive to create hands on educational play materials that are safe, child friendly using the best quality of wood which nurtures the natural curiosity of the child. Join our newsletter to learn how your child can benefit everyday.


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    Classic Loose Parts Set


    Our beautifully hand crafted wooden peg dolls, cups , rings and coins make the perfect open ended play material for toddlers and even older children. 

    Benefits of the Classic Loose Parts Set: 

    Our loose parts set is a must have as it engages a toddler in so many different kinds of play.

    Loose parts give a child the opportunity to get involved in imaginative and pretend play. 

    Loose parts play is open-ended, it spurs the development of lots of different skills: creative thinking, communications, exploration, critical thinking, self-confidence and independence, just to name a few. 

    More importantly toddlers and children  are naturally drawn to objects that encourage open-ended play, so anything parents can do to foster that natural sense of curiosity is beneficial.

    The set includes the following:

    Option 1 – wooden pegs and cups 

    1. 14 wooden cups 
    2. 14 wooden peg dolls 
    3. Mentor mom string bag 

    Option 2 – The Full Set 

    1. 14 wooden coins 
    2. 14 wooden rings 
    3. 14 wooden peg dolls 
    4. Mentor mom draw string bag

    Is this a Gift?


    All our wooden play materials are finished with non-toxic child safe paints.  Small parts can represent a chocking hazard for mouthing babies and toddlers. We highly recommend supervising children under the age of three who are still putting items in their mouths.

    The beauty of handmade wooden toys is that two of the exact same item may look slightly different due to the natural characteristics of the wood.


    Kindly note this product is made to order. Please allow 1 week for the order to be dispatched.

    Additional information


    Option 1 – Wooden Pegs and Cups, Option 2 – The Full Set


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