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    Shapes Quilt with Matching Peg Doll Set


    The nature-inspired Shapes Quilt with Matching Peg Doll Set is made from 100% Polyester fabric for Mentor Mom.  The quilt is designed keeping in mind the progression of shapes with its matching shaped peg doll. The quilt consists of 8 shapes and includes 8 matching peg dolls. Two colour options are available, bright or pastel.

    There are numerous developmental benefits of the Shapes Quilt with Matching Peg Doll Set.

      • The set can be used to introduce the concept of shapes.
      • Matching of shapes on the quilt to the shape peg dolls.
      • Help toddlers identify and match shapes with other similar shaped items and toys.
      • Count sides and corners of the shapes with them.
      • The natural texture of the fabric promotes tracing of shapes onto the quilt.
      • Enhances visual discrimination skill which is a pre-requisite for reading and writing.
      • Lays a foundation for future mathematical skills and helps in understanding the world better.

    The quilt is machine washable and can be ironed on low.  All peg dolls are finished with non-toxic child safe paints.  Small toys can represent a chocking hazard for mouthing babies.  We highly recommend supervising children under the age of three who are still putting items in their mouths.


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    The beauty of handmade wooden toys is that two of the exact same item may look slightly different due to the natural characteristics of the wood.


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