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    Truck Counting Board


    The truck counting board/tens frame is a magical tool when it comes to building number sense in young children.

    We have put our Mentor Mom twist on the traditional ten frame and it focuses on developing  number sense, fine motor skills,visual perceptual skills and matching skills.

    The truck counting board is designed in a way that it can be used with any sensory filler such as sand, salt etc for developing pre-writing skills, sensory exploration and fine motor skills.


    What is a Ten Frame?

    The ten frame is an early magical learning tool that helps children to count visually 1-10 and is a fantastic tool for basic addition and subtraction too.

    Children can visibly see what 2 + 2 equals and what happens when a number is subtracted.

    Besides that, it helps with developing their skills of subitizing, refines fine motor skills and matching skills.

    What’s included in the truck counting board.

    • 10 wool felt balls (red and blue).
    • Wooden pencil.
    • The counting board/tens frame.

    Children love to fill the holes and you can always provide them with different sensory fillers.

    All our wooden play materials are finished with non-toxic child safe paints.  Small toys can represent a chocking hazard for mouthing babies.  We highly recommend supervising children under the age of three who are still putting items in their mouths.

    The beauty of handmade wooden toys is that two of the exact same item may look slightly different due to the natural characteristics of the wood.

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