Wooden Sensory Kit


The wooden sensory box is specifically designed to stimulate a toddlers senses through play! It is a box full of developmental wooden play materials and  manipulatives made from the finest and durable wood for Mentor Mom. The kit is available in  a beautiful bright pastel color. 

Benefits of our Sensory kit:

The ‘Sensory Kit’ includes everything you need to build a small world creation and use the fine motor tools in a colour sorting activity or a sensory tray. Not only does it nurture their imagination,(stack houses and the clouds)  it also enables them to explore new materials(sort and compare sizes), act out scenarios from real life, build language( big, bigger, biggest)  practice social skills and gain an understanding of the world around them. 
The texture of the wooden play materials enables kids to involve all their senses and learn at a concrete level. The sensory rice also contains a touch of lavender oil in the rice to stimulate your little ones sense of smell. It’s therapeutic and just plain FUN! 

 Mentor mom sensory box is designed to encourage the natural desire to play that lives innately within every child. 

What in the box: 

  • 1 wooden box to hold all the tools &wooden materials. The box can be used as the actual “Sensory Bin”
  • 6 wooden nesting cups with 6 peg dolls.
  • 3 wooden stackable  houses of different sizes
  • 3 wooden stackable clouds of different sizes.
  • 1 pair of wooden tong
  • 3 wooden trees of different sizes.
  • 1 wooden spoon.
  • 1 wooden scooper.
  • 1 wooden honey dipper
  • 6 wooden balls
  • a container of scented (lavender oil infused) rice

All our wooden play materials are finished with non-toxic child safe paints.  Small toys can represent a chocking hazard for mouthing babies.  We highly recommend supervising children under the age of three who are still putting items in their mouths.

The beauty of handmade wooden toys is that two of the exact same item may look slightly different due to the natural characteristics of the wood.

Our toys are made with hand-mixed colours and there might be a slight variation in the wooden play materials  to what you see on the website.


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