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Montessori Inspired Colours and Shapes Mat


Our Colours and Shapes mat is Montessori inspired. The colours and shape mat are exclusively handmade from 100% Polyester fabric for Mentor Mom. The mat introduces your child to primary colours and shapes. The fabric mat has three embroidered colour splats on the left column and includes lose embroidered shapes (3 red, 3 blue, 3 yellow) .

There are numerous developmental benefits of the colour and shape mat.

    • Helps to identify primary colours and shapes.
    • Encourages the child to match the colour on left to the shape on the top.
    • Improves your child’s working memory as he/she needs to recall the size and colour of the shape while placing it in the right spot.
    • Enhances colour perception and visual discrimination skills.

The mat is machine washable and can be ironed on low.
Please note the wooden shapes in the image are NOT included. It is only to portray how the colours and shape mat can be used in a different way.


Kindly note this product is made to order. Please allow 1 week for the order to be dispatched.


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