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    Spring is (nearly) here!

    Spring is (nearly) here!

    “Spring is nature’s way of saying, Lets party!” – Robin Williams

    Hello Mentor Mom Family


    Yay, spring! Have you ever observed how much happier kids are when they outdoors? Personally this is one of my favourite seasons for the year and I love spending it with my little girl. There is so much to explore outdoors and not to forget so many fun concepts to weave into spring theme activities with our gorgeous wooden play-as- you-learn sets and our newly launched imaginative play sets.


    We have launched some really exciting play materials this month – our very first imaginative play range which perfectly fits into role playing outdoor play. Imaginative play fosters creativity by providing a safe space for young children to act out scenarios of their choosing, including situations that may not be able to experience in real life especially because of covid at the moment.

    For example, a 4 year old cannot go to a fun fair without his parents, through imaginary play this is possible, adding a story book with it is also a great idea. It  gives young children opportunities to learn about other peoples perspective and feelings. Imaginary play is also great for language development, social skills, problem solving and self-regulation. The list is endless! Let your little one dive into the world of imaginary play.

    What’s in store for this month?

    We are so grateful for all the support that we have received from our Mentor mom family and without you fabulous parents , Mentor Mom as a brand would not turn ONE! Yes September is a very special month for us as it’s our BIRTHDAY month. And guess what? We have some really exciting  “limited edition birthday month range” of play materials launching soon along with so many other play sets.

    Stay tuned and don’t miss out on them!

    Love and light.

    Mentor Mom