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    Torn apart between motherhood and others?

    Often parents, new mothers, single mothers and fathers are so overwhelmed with the birth of their newborn.

    It’s the best feeling to have your newborn in your arms, but being new to motherhood can be challenging in many ways especially when you have lots of other people advising you on your special journey of parenting. You might not really know what to do and who to follow as you are probably in a huge bubble of confusion. I can certainly say I was in that space at one point when I entered the journey of motherhood. It is extremely daunting and all these thoughts and feelings bring so much of anxiety that we often forget to enjoy our newborn.

    Does this sound like you? Hence came about “Mentor Mom”.

    What is mom guilt?

    • There are several emotions that a mother feels during the journey of motherhood.
    • Joy, love, fear, confusion, anxiousness, however one of the most common emotion in motherhood is GUILT. This is the feeling of oh no!
    • Have I done this right, may be , yes , don’t know ?
    • However these feelings do not define any mother as a bad mom.

    How to empower yourself through mom guilt?

    • Acknowledge your feelings and emotions.
    • Do not be hard on yourself and set unrealistic expectations.
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    Mentor mom blog posts are all about advising mothers through my knowledge of being a special educator, a Montessori tutor and an experienced mother myself who was in the same shoes as many of you mothers are in at this point in time. Hence this is the right place for all you moms to pour your hearts out. There is definitely no judgement’s on this platform!

    Tips on guilt free parenting

    The most overwhelming and confusing phase for a mother is just after the baby is born. It drives you to google and books, it simply leaves you exhausted and stressed. These simple holistic development tips will definitely give you all parents the surety that you are doing the right things for your baby’s development especially without any confusion in the mind.

    What does Holistic development consist of?

    Holistic development looks at all aspects of development such as Physical, language, intellectual , social and emotional.

    Tools for Holistic development

    Movement builds the brain. I cant emphasize enough how vital it is to begin tummy time right from birth. All you need to do is aim for frequency and not duration. This also means less time in swings, seats and bumbos.

    At this time, all your baby is trying to do is figure out how their new little bodies move and how to get close to their mothers. Get to their eye level and engage with them and soon you will see how they are learning to lift their head, roll, reach, crawl and sit up. Engaging at eye level not only helps with physical development but also aids language, social and emotional development. Tummy time is the backbone for all the major physical milestones.

    There are several other inexpensive ways to promote tummy time for babies aged between 0-3 months :

    1. Doing some tummy time with your little one out in the nature is such a great stimulation to their brain and will also help in preventing flat head.
    2. Their vision is still developing and they don’t really see any colors yet. By having one or two black and white images also known as high contrast images facing them during tummy time will help them to fixate their vision and they learn to use both their eyes together. Also if you observe your babies eyes will quickly be drawn to the high contrast images.
    3. You don’t have to go out of your way and buy expensive high contrasting cards or toys, all you need to do is go on google and search for “black and white images for newborns” and simply print it.
    4. Tummy time will further assist in strengthening the neck muscles and help the baby turn his/her head from side to side.
    Example of a high contrast image.

    Skin is the largest organ that we have and doing lots of skin to skin with your baby will aid in secure attachment and they will soon learn to predict and understand if he/she cries the mother is always around and their needs are met.

    Touch provides a vital sensory stimulation for babies and it is important to smell, tickle and let them feel different textures on their little feet, toes and hands . We often forget about the feet, toes and hands because of socks and mittens. This sensory stimulation will aid in toe traction which will help with crawling later.

    Engaging with your baby and singing to them during awake times such as diaper change will aid in social, emotional and language development.

    Common Questions/FAQ

    • How early can I start tummy time with my child?
      • Once you get the the go ahead from your pediatrician that your little one is well and healthy.
    • How long should my little one be doing tummy time?
      • Aim for frequency and not duration. Always ensure your little one is comfortable at all times.
    • What are the best newborn toys ?
      • Less is always best. Newborns do not require battery operated toys. Just lots of skin to skin, a comfortable blanket for tummy time and singing.

    The Last Thing You Need to Know as Parents

    You are your child’s first teacher